Featured Business: Worthy Apparel

You may have tried several designer brands in clothing, but while they primarily feature beauty and style, they sometimes lack practical functionalities that people need. Fifteen years ago, Worthy Apparel helped fill in that gap by creating fashionable yet functional uniforms for men and women. The founders decided to go for this approach in clothing brand, because a lot of companies would have to go through all the troubles to create a unique identity for their business – which is best achieved through uniforms and dress codes.

But over the years Worthy Apparel has evolved and is now supplying other clothing brands such as Winning Spirit, Gear for Life, Cougar Footwear, Bizcollection, Johnny Bobbin, DNC Workwear, Epic Legend, Be Seen Clothing, Ramocollection, Hard Yakka and more! They are primarily a wholesaler and distributor of clothing and accessories for men, women and kids based in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia.


The types of uniforms and accessories they manufacture include shirting, tees/singlets, sports/active wear, hospitality, footwear, knitwear, work wear, polo shirts, health, promotional gear, safety wear, outerwear, bags, ladies work wear, head wear and corporate wear and uniforms. They also have silk screen printing services when traditional embroidery is not compatible with the clothing of choice. Their products can be ordered online and shipping is available throughout the states of Australia.

Business Sectors That They Cater To:

Worthy Apparel has the capacity to manufacture and distribute various types of clothing on almost all business sectors in Australia. Plus they also cater to local and national sporting clubs that require their services. Based on the clothing line that Worthy Apparel is currently producing, these are the most likely business sectors that they can supply them to:

  • Utilities & Energy
  • Transport
  • Tourism
  • Telecom
  • Mining Industry
  • Public Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Corporate Office
  • Health
  • Consumer Goods
  • Chemistry & Pharma
  • Airline Industry

The Takeaway

Worthy Apparel has brought beauty, style, comfort and most importantly, functionality to the clothing industry. Their products are as high quality as any other brands that get featured in fashion magazines, TV shows, the internet and other media outlets. Business owners and sports club managers will be pleased to see their subordinates and members wear neat, clean and beautiful uniforms while at work or when playing games or tournaments. And because Worthy Apparel is wholesale retailer, they can get deals and discounts when they make bulk orders. Unlike designer fashion wear, the price is the price and no deals can be made because you pay for the brand and not the materials that they were made of. You will absolutely love Worthy Apparel’s clothing line no matter what job or sports you’re in.